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All speech, written or spoken, is a dead language, until it finds a willing and prepared hearer. -- Robert Louis Stevenson

06 January 2003

The Gate Theatre in Dublin opened Waiting for Godot on the exact 50th anniversary of the play's original performance on a tiny stage in Paris. It was a remarkable production, and the best theatre I've seen in years. Godot seems to encompass the entire twentieth century in two hours...it humbles every other twentieth-century play I can think of. The other thing that I didn't recognize about the play (having only read it and seen bits of it previously) was how very Irish it is. Its language, its cadences and characters seem to me, now that I've lived here a couple of years, totally familiar.

Estragon: Charming spot. Inspiring prospects. Letís go.
Vladimir: We canít.
Estragon: Why not?
Vladimir: Weíre waiting for Godot.

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This is a fantastic idea that I wish I'd thought of:

"Security personnel are now asking many travellers to take a photo to prove their camera is not a bomb. Canadian visual artist Isabelle Devos is collecting these photographs for an international art project."

How great is that? This beats my idea for a photo essay of Cretan roadside shrines hands down.

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Why are people so obsessive about Lego? I think it relates somehow to how people play the Sims. When new players, particularly those new to computers generally, play the Sims, they inevitably begin by recreating their own home, complete with family members and friends. They're faced with creating any kind of home or neighbourhood under the sun, but they prefer familiarity. Eventually people will branch out and create Sim fantasy homes. I wonder, did I play with Lego the same way?

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It's a fairly unique occurence in sport. Two to five grown men in a line, clutching their genitals. There's definitely an interesting essay in the soccer wall...how it came to exist, how it's evolved and what it has to say about the game as a whole. A few introductory thoughts:

  • Soccer's a thinking man's game. The wall is a thoughtful if somewhat artificial development.
  • The wall often fails. Despite confidently standing ten yards from the kicker, many players dive out of the way when the ball gets near them. I don't blame them, but you'd think that twenty-plus years of coaching would have beat that instinct out of them.
  • The keeper momentarily becomes an interior designer when he sets up the wall. He hopes up a few super-fat-gloved fingers to indicate the number of players, and then endlessly messes with the wall's placement, as if he were a bored housewife instructing movers.

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Finally, a college student puts his education to real use. He's made a wired foosball table at his local frat house. The coolest part is that users can swipe their student cards to Log In to the table and view their current record, league tables, etc.

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