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All speech, written or spoken, is a dead language, until it finds a willing and prepared hearer. -- Robert Louis Stevenson

10 January 2003

What a fantastic idea! So whimsical, yet so strangely essential. This very well-built site is "a collection of childhood beliefs." What could be more fascinating than that? The beliefs are organized into general themes (religion, animals, body parts, etc.) for easy browsing. A few samples:

Religion: "I believed that jesus was born in december then crucified in April/May (Easter) Wow I thought he'd done a lot in just 4 months."

Animals: "I used to think sheep shrank when it rained."

Body Parts: "I believed that if you undo your belly-button with a screwdriver, your legs will fall off."

Oddly, there are over 150 entries for "toilets, fear of". My childhood was a toilet-fear-free zone. I was just scared of everything else.


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