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12 January 2003

This software pundit makes a deft observation on how Internet policy is suffering these days:

Those who refuse to adapt to the new realities of the marketplace will indeed suffer as it becomes more difficult to maintain control over content. As this story demonstrates, we needn't sacrifice our ability to create new technologies and new economic value simply to preserve a particular business model that is under threat.

Unfortunately, many of those who claim to be most pro-business really don't believe in the marketplace and view business as a static, not a dynamic process. There is no shortage of new entrants ready to seize upon the opportunities provided by change. Listening only to the demands of those who are most threatened is not just a poor way to set policy, it actively discriminates against those who can bring us the most innovation and the most new value.


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The New York Times reports on the continuing lack of girls entering computer science programs. Of the 21,400 students who took the AP computer science exam in 2001, only 10% of them were girls. This isn't particularly suprising, but why does the media care so much about computer science? Where are all the articles describing the lack of female plumbers or female mechanics? Why are they fixated on computer science?

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Julie was reading Elle magazine and, in the seedy adverts in the back, discovered the Niplette (caution, link goes to page with several artist's renderings of nipples)--the cure for flat or inverted nipples. And I quote: "Your skin tissue is gradually stretched and in one to three months of continuous wear, your nipple will stay permanently erect." Permanently erect! Is this a desirable effect? Apparently the primary application is to assist with breast-feeding, but why, then, are they advertising in the back of Elle? Qu'est-que c'est?

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