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21 January 2003

Earlier in the week I wondered about the status of Electronic Frontier Canada, a digital rights organization and the Canadian equivalent of the EFF. It turns out that (ironically enough) their Web site doesn't reflect the current state of the organization, which is quite active. I quote from the EFC vice-president:

We are very active in responding to Government proposals. Over
past year or so, we have provided a written submission to Industry
Canada on possible changes to copyright legislation, as well as attended
a forum in Vancouver, and to Justice Canada on the Lawful Access
discussion paper. In both cases we worked with EFF in making these

So there you go. Their Web site is oh, so nineties, but that's certainly something I can help them with. It's a good place to start, as it will enable me to familiarize myself with the issues.

I also considered volunteering for the David Suzuki Foundation, and even sent them an email, but they never go back to me. I expect this is because a) evil, evil spam, b) they're too busy to answer email or c) they need a volunteer to answer emails about volunteer enquiries.

Some of you may be thinking "hey, Darren, aren't clean water, forests and a breathable atmosphere more important than levies on recordable media?" Well, yes, they are. But, it seems to me that there are a whole bunch of people taking care of the former, and too few addressing the latter. So, for the time being, I'll try being digital rights guy.

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And in a museum, no less:

A 2,700-year-old statue of the Egyptian king Taharqa has reportedly been found in the basement of the God's House Tower archaeological museum in Southampton, after being ignored for a century.

Staff used it to lean their bicycles against - but no-one realised the 27-inch statue's importance until two Egyptologists came to visit the museum.

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