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All speech, written or spoken, is a dead language, until it finds a willing and prepared hearer. -- Robert Louis Stevenson

28 January 2003

This article seems to blame Nirvana. There's some credibility in that--they were little more than three chords and the truth. From guitar god Joe Satriani:

'I feel sorry for the singers because it's wall-to-wall vocals,' Satriani said. 'Next time you're watching MTV, just see how long the singer is singing, and it's like, 'When does the singer get to shut up and go somewhere else on stage?'

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Imagine if you could get 100,000 voluntary human shields. That'd stop the war pretty quick. I'm planning on marching in this worldwide protest on February 15. The way Bush is going, I'm afraid the war may be over by then.

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My work colleagues and I regularly play scrabble online. Just today, my friend Richard (always a lateral thinker) played an acceptable plural: vaginae. Apparently it's pronounced with a long "e" at the end, like us North Americans say "algae". Predictably, this plural gets its ass kicked by the more twentieth century "vaginas" in GoogleFight (1, 700,00 to 1980 results). Incidentally, by making this blog entry, I have probably just tripled my site traffic. As the Irish say, nice one.

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The blog king, Dave Winer, recently said this about editing HTML files:

I understand and usually agree -- but in this case -- the table is so long that some other way of displaying it might be much more usable. It's something of a scaling issue, not a religious or philosophical one.

Which isn't funny in and of itself, but I didn't exactly recognize the context at first. So, I thought he was talking about something like this:

Compared to, say, this:

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Short, funny article about the condom industry and the popularity of various products in different countries. Predictably, the top seller in the UK has a "heat-activated dose of the anesthetic benzocaine is employed to reduce sensation and thus prolong intercourse." They're just darned impotent as a whole.

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