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04 February 2003

I just borrowed the Rolling Stones' recently-released 40 Licks. While they're mercantile old bastards for re-re-re-releasing old music, these CDs kick all kinds of ass. Today's most popular musicians--whether Britney or Eminem or Oasis or what-have-you--can't hold a candle to these guys. Brilliant musical hooks, clever lyrics, wicked instrumentation--what's not to like? The first disc alone includes the following classics:

1. Street fighting man
2. Gimme shelter
3. Satisfaction
4. Last time
5. Jumpin' Jack FlashMusic
6. You can't always get what you want
7. 19th nervous breakdown
8. Under my thumb
9. Not fade away
10. Have you seen your mother baby
11. Sympathy for the devil
12. Mother's little helper
13. She's a rainbow
14. Get off my cloud
15. Wild horses
16. Ruby Tuesday
17. Paint it black
18. Honky tonk women
19. It's all over now
20. Let's spend the night together

In my experience, most compilations of rock greats tend to trail off with more recent, dodgy songs. However, this CD finishes off with Emotional Rescue and It's Only Rock and Roll. Most of this music was recorded before I was born...does that still make me an old fuddy-duddy?

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Apparently 'penguins are ruining a wooden hut put up on Antarctica in 1899, the first building on the icy continent, a conservation expert says.'

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The good folks at the UN (in New York, incidentally), have seen fit to cover up Picasso's Guernica. It hangs outside the UN Security Council, and depicts:

The original 1937 painting depicts the terrorized and dying civilians at Guernica, a small Basque village in northern Spain that Generalissimo Francisco Franco's Nationalist regime, battling the Republican government during the Spanish Civil War, allowed the German air force to use for target practice. About 1,600 civilians were killed or wounded in three hours of bombardment.

The drapes were installed last Monday and Wednesday the days the council discussed Iraq and came down Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, when the subjects included Afghanistan and peacekeeping missions in Lebanon and Western Sahara.

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