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11 February 2003

Kneel before my skillz! You know, anybody can do some fancy tricks with Gary Kasparov and Admiral Ackbar, but it's the subtle, realistic stuff that is tricky in Photoshop. I'm still learning, but I was pretty happy with this result. My friend Sarah Carey recently got married, and has a lovely photo of her four siblings. Unfortunately, one of her brothers is blinking. I was happy to help her out...I borrowed her brother's eyes from another photo. And, while I was at it, I cleaned some camera dirt off her sister's face.

Here's the before photo and here's the after photo.

Incidentally, her other sister is named Mary. So that's Mary Carey. I think that's pretty freakin' funny.

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It's a referral service to which women submit their male friends:

We all have charming male friends . . . smart, noble, successful, honest, good-looking guys who're between girlfriends . . . or who're just a tad shy . . . or who've had bad luck with women.

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On a lighter note, I've finally come to understand cricket, so I knew what it meant when I read 'But Austin Codrington took five for 27 as Bangladesh slumped to 120 all out under the lights at Kingsmead.' I'm pleased, but not nearly as happy as Austin Codrington.


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The Globe and Mail reports that:

The Alberta government launched a Web site featuring video clips, photographs and profiles of children who are up for adoption Monday in the hopes of finding permanent homes for more children in foster care.

Does anybody think this is deeply whacked? And just icky? Take little Dion, for example. I turned him and about a hundred of his unfortunate brothers with a quick search for 6 to 9 year boys. Has he given his consent for this information? Of course not, or if he has he probably didn't fully understand the repercussions of what he was doing. Maybe when Dion turns 18, Dion won't want the world to have known that he was "a charming, personable boy of African/Vietnamese origin" and that:

Dion experienced a chaotic home life during his early years and may have been prenatally exposed to drugs. He has Attachment Disorder and is on medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Orphaned children don't forfeit their right to privacy when they become wards of the state. Furthermore, these children use computers. Do they really want to see themselves described this way? My next task is to write letters to the Albertan Minister for Children's Services, Premier Klein and the Albertan Privacy Commissioner.

The Globe and Mail article goes on to explain that "The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Office has sanctioned the presentation of adoptable children on the Web site." Huh? What? I assume this office must think it's okay because they don't provide last names for the kids. In ten years I guarentee that I'll be able to search the Internet based on somebody's photo, and that I'll be able to accurately return results for people of different ages. This is an extraordinary abuse of these children's rights and I encourage you to contact the above ministers and let them know.

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Speaking of manufacturing consent, this is one of the most frightening things I've read in a while. The New York Sun (of which Conrad Black is a partner), a conservative newspaper that started last year, has written an editorial that calls anti-war protesters treasonous, and praises the New York mayor for delaying a protest permit. The opening sentence:

Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly are doing the people of New York and the people of Iraq a great service by delaying and obstructing the anti-war protest planned for February 15.

Where'd the right of free assembly go? Other, Amercian people understand the particulars of this issue better than me:

  • Brendan Nyhan: "With war looming and commentators like Ann Coulter peddling treason accusations in her syndicated column and an upcoming book, we must take a stand against the use of such tactics. Treason is one of the most serious accusations imaginable. It must not be used to poison political debate."
  • Eugune Volokh: "A democracy needs an opposition, especially in time of war, precisely to keep the government honest, and to point to whatever errors (or possible errors) it finds in the government's actions."
  • Joe Conason: "Perhaps this week the Sun will advocate sending tanks to mow down those dirty anarchists, like the Chinese authorities did at Tiananmen."
  • Ari Flesicher, White House press secretary: "It is emphatically a patriotic act for people to protest on behalf of whatever cause they see fit in our country. And if some differ with the President and call for the use of no force and take to the streets peacefully to protest that, that's the finest tradition of America."



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