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16 February 2003

I sent an enquiry to Alberta's Privacy Commissioner regarding this Web site that enables Albertans (and anybody else) to search for kids to adopt online:

Thank you for your inquiry.  The Information and Privacy Commissioner has
released a Press Release this morning clarifying the OIPC position on the
adoption website.  I believe that this Press Release will provide you with
the information you are seeking.  The document can be viewed through the
following link:

Should you require more information on this issue, please feel free to
contact Mr. Tim Chander, OIPC Research and Issues Manager at (780) 422-6860.

That press release reads, in part:

The OIPC has examined the website and has a number of recommendations to which the Department has been responsive. Some of the concerns are the amount of personal history the children’s profiles contain and the amount of health information. The Department has agreed not to add any further children to the site for three months, at which time they will evaluate the site’s effectiveness.

Frankly, the OIPC's complaints have nothing to do with the site's effectiveness, they have to do with privacy concerns. I don't doubt that the site will help interested parents find children to adopt, but at what price to those children's privacy?

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I'm a little disappointed. Yesterday I marched here in Dublin, and though estimates have varied, there were definitely 80,000 or 90,000 people in town. Given that both the Gardai (police) and organizers estimated 10,000 to 15,000 marchers, this results was remarkable. While it was a bit slow to get started, the whole thing was a good-natured affair with protesters from the entire political spectrum. There seemed to be three middle-class loafer-wearers for every sandal-wearing socialist.

Dublin has roughly a million people in it. Ireland as a whole has four million. I know it was cold and wet, but the lower mainland has two million citizens and only 20,000 turned out to march? America's eternally-skeptical next-door neighbours got their butts soundly-whipped by the traditionally-underenthusiastic Irish!

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Apparently a BC woman faces a CAN $100,000 fine for patting a killer whale. Aside from the idiocy of touching any animal with 'killer' in its name, what did this utter imbecile think she was doing? This is an ad infinitum extension of the infringement that whale watching tours are increasingly inflicting on whales.

I have as much sympathy for her as for the yearly sacrifices that get too close to the bears in Yosemite Park. They're all candidates for the Darwin Awards, and I hope this women goes horribly bankrupt as a result.

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