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Monday, March 03, 2003

When we return to Vancouver next month, we're going to buy a car. Being an automoron and a cynical consumer, this process fills me with fear and doubt. Fortunately, Julie's good friend Marianne has an uncle (who Julie knows) in Courtney who is a user car salesman. Nonetheless, I'm still doing some research. I can't make a purchase of any size (say, over $50) without doing some research. I found this great article from the Motley Fool on buying new and used cars (though it doesn't advertise this fact, the article diverges between the two types at step five or so).

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Over the past six months I've actively avoided celebrity news. No Entertainment Tonight, no lightweight talkshows, no MuchMusic unless there's actually a video on (a rare thing these days). I just decided that their lives didn't matter any more than mine, so why should I pay them any extra heed. I'm still interested in artists of all sorts, but only in the context of their artwork.

I'm making an exception for Jennifer Lopez, though, because she's such a remarkable hypocrite. First with My Love Don't Cost a Thing and the more-recent (but equally awful) Jenny From the Block, she's laid bare her obsession with being normal. This despite the fact that her entourage requires six limousines and fourteen hotel suites while in London? I wish I could've grown up on her block.

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