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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Enough said.

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I shouldn't scoff, because I can remember playing Paper Boy as a pimple-faced thirteen-year-old. I do wonder a bit about Restaurant Empire, the new game where you build a restaurant, create a menu, hire staff and try to bring in the punters. From a preview on GameSpy:

It's time for your grand opening. People will start to enter the restaurant soon after opening, and their eating habits seem to coincide with reality. You'll find more people in your restaurant around noon than at two in the afternoon...You'll even get the occasional straggler just before close; fortunately for you and your employees, they won't sit around jabbering with their friends after the store closes.

Thank goodness for that. When I worked at the esteemed Horseshoe Bay Boathouse, I loathed those people who started eating at 10:15 PM. The downside, of course, is that you can't eat the food on your menu. I just thought of a great meatspace tie-in though...what if you could click a button in the game and have your meal delivered to your door? That'd be super cool.

But come now, isn't this getting a bit silly? What's next?

  • RealEstate Tycoon: 'Wear the yellow jacket with pride!'
  • BeachComber: 'Patrol 24 of the world's most famous vistas!'
  • FishGutting King: 'Increase your production rate and get promoted to Assistant Floor Manager!'

ChamberMaid Queen (perhaps with a tie-in to the insipid Maid in Manhattan--shame on you Ralph Fiennes), Pizza Guy--the list of potential games goes on and on. But what do I know? Restaurant Empire might be a huge hit.

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