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Monday, April 14, 2003

I'm pleased to say I turned on my friend Sarah (among others) to all that is Buffness. Sarah recently held forth on why Buffy can be counted amongst the Susan Sontags of the world:

There's a thesis in this. Some argue, no; because while she is a superhero, she has to be presented in the guise of a skinny, attractive, blonde with nice clothes. Others argue, yes; because she is a skinny, attractive, blonde who instead of being helpless or accompanied by suits of armour and gimmicks, is still a superhero. I'm with the latter.

I'm not sure what a lack of armour and gimmicks (do stakes count as gimmicks?) has to do with feminism, but she makes some good points further on. The point on Buffy's ill-fated shagging is definitely the key (pun intended for Buffy watchers only) here. Not only does Buffy not employ sex as a tool for manipulation--see, well, most other television shows save The Gilmour (but not The Golden) Girls, but sex usually results in death and destruction.

Regarding the thesis, here's the place to publish it.

4:41:30 PM    

Thank goodness this niche has finally been filled. Confirmed sighting: Bob The Builder's Cheesy Toolbag.

Not to switch topics midstream, but being childless and only recently having returned from Ireland, I'm unsure as to how big Bob is on this side of the water. In the UK he's huge. He doesn't kill anything, which is a strike against him in the battle for stateside popularity, but he does have the requisite gay subtext. You know who I'm talking about.

4:33:47 PM    

Eerie photo of London at night. For my money, it looks more like a nuclear blast site after the dust has cleared.

4:24:19 PM    

Everybody knows that the Americans are salivating over the oil under the shell-shocked Iraqi desert, but I wouldn't have thought they'd be keen on Iraqi intellectual property laws. Apparently the wickedest witch of the West, Hilary Rosen, soon-to-be-former lobbyist for the RIAA, is writing the intellectual property laws for the new Iraqi government. I guess we can't have those starving, penniless Iraqis illegally downloading music to thier iPods.

4:21:29 PM    

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