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Thursday, April 17, 2003

From Reuters:

Researchers have recreated the interior of the world's oldest indoor theatre -- and found that the view of the stage was probably lousy. More than 2,500 years after it was built during the Golden Age of Ancient Greece, the Odeon of Pericles has been recreated as a three-dimensional computer model.

It apparently stood next to the Theatre of Dionysos and had 80 large columns inside, which resulted in more than a little obstructed viewing.

The Theatre of Dionysos stands at the base of the Parthenon and is in remarkably good shape (caution, links to a mighty big picture). I was there on Christmas Eve day, 2002, and it was a powerful experience to sit in the audience and look down on the 2500-year-old stage.

Incidentally, I found this cool recreation of the Theatre of Dionysos as well. Incidentally, 'kothornoi' are high-soled boots employed to give actors added height.

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If they had anything like Yves in Ireland, I couldn't find it. My friend Todd (a handy source of culinary and astronomical information) turned me on to their tasty cuisine a few years ago. I just enjoyed a couple of these (complete with grill marks) for lunch, and I'm one happy vegetarian.

2:26:42 PM    

Courtesy of Jenny over at The Creative Technical Writer, here's an interesting article on how important documentation is to IT departments. The opening sentence is mildly humourous in its wishy-washiness:

Of all the services and information that IT professionals provide to their customers, managers or end-users, none is as essential to success as documentation?except perhaps for other work products that must be delivered to fulfill or complete project work.

So, in short, do all your work and, if you've got time, document it. That said, the article makes a decent argument for why IT people should be doc-friendly. In the last portion of the article, the author (one Ed Tittel), advocates the use of robust content creation and management systems like Apache Cocoon or Midgard. Unless you're the IT department at IBM, I'd recommend sticking with Word, or, if you want to get really fancy, good ol' HTML.

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