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Monday, April 21, 2003

I recently read about Synapse via Slashdot:

Students at Caltech and Harvard have developed a system that analyzes playlists and learns people's listening patterns. It then channels its knowledge into generating streams of music that the people themselves would like to listen to. Intuitive, accurate, and finally someone has done it.

Well, I'm not sure if someone's done it, but I'm going to check it out. I'm not particularly crazy about the iPod for Windows default of MusicMatch Jukebox--it's always been unstable on my machine. I do like the idea of predictive playlists, so I'm going to use Synapse for a while and see what it comes up with.

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While jogging around the seawall in Vancouver I came upon the unmistakable silhouette of one of the Sedin twins. For my non-Vancouver and/or non-hockey-savvy readers, Daniel and Henrik Sedin are two young forwards who play with the Vancouver Canucks (the focus of an exciting playoff series--the decisive game seven is tomorrow night). Being twins, I'm unable to tell them apart without numbers on their back. Anyhow, this lanky lad was walking along the seawall in front of me with his (much shorter) girlfriend. I ran past and felt a certain kinship because I was wearing my Liverpool FC football jersey. Coincidentally, the name and number on the back of that jersey is that of John Arno Riise, a player of Swedish origin. In a further coincidence, Riise bears a passing resemblance to the Sedins. Judge for yourself:

Anyway, I'm not normally into the old celebrity see-and-tell, but I couldn't resist. I picture him chatting with his brother (and perhaps fellow Swede and soccer enthusiast Mattias Ohlund) at practice later in the day and saying, "hey, I saw some dude jogging today and get this, he was wearing a Riise jersey!"

When I was explaining my brother's resemblance to Matt Damon to my Irish colleague (and lifetime Liverpool supporter) John, he thought Kevin looked like Mr. Riise. I'd commented on this recently to my sister Imo, and she'd requested a comparison. Judge for yourself again:

There's a passing resemblance...the slightly dimpled chin, the prominent brow.


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