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Thursday, April 24, 2003

This just struck me as kind of funny. Traditionally, the sports media makes picks for each round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. You'll see their selections in the paper on on Web sites like ESPN.com. The folks over at TSN are mixing things up a little, though. They've added a macaque (a kind of monkey--don't know your primates? click here) to the group of sports analysts. In the first playoff round, Maggie (that's the macaque) did as well as half of the sports pundits and was the only biped to predict Anaheim's upset of perennial favourites, Detroit. Happily, Maggie has picked Vancouver to go through in the second round. Give that girl a banana.

10:24:28 PM    

According to the good folks at Nervousness.org. Inspired by the excellent 1000 Journals (in which I participated, adding some content to #303), they 'try experiments in Land Mail (also known as Snail Mail), to see if [they] can find new ways for people to interact and communicate.' For example, a Pagan grimoire (where does the capitalization go in that term?). I'm not sure I understand quite how it works, but good on them.

10:15:10 PM    

But were afraid to ass. SeatGuru is the source of airplane seat information. This guy's created floorplans of all the planes used by several large American airlines and rated the seats. Taking a Boeing 737-500 on United? Click here and learn that seats 4A through 4F 'have pretty good legroom because of the bulkhead.'

9:43:04 PM    

Err...photos of people striking a particular pose. Obsessively organized phoon photos. See for yourself.

3:16:48 PM    

What a wonderful thing the boys at Red vs. Blue have created! This is high-tech post-modernism at its very best. Basically, they've created movies using the video capture capability of video games (in the first epic, it's Halo). The characters in the game move, and then they add their own audio script later. It's very funny, and made me laugh out loud. It's particularly funny to multi-player gamers as the characters philosophize about their misfortune (it reminded me slighly of a high-tech Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, and that's high praise indeed). The technical achievement is remarkable as well...I'm sure it required a vast amount of patience.

The best part is that, despite the setting of a violent video game, no one shoots anybody.

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