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Monday, April 28, 2003

National Geographic reports that:

Questions raised about the authenticity of a 2,000-year-old ossuary thought to have once held the bones of James, the brother of Jesus, may be a step closer to resolution.

I wrote a play awhile back about cloning Jesus, so this sort of news story is close to my heart. Note the sidebar story (scroll down to see it) that provides an interesting analysis of Jesus's family tree.

On a side note, this story and several others make incorrect use (as far as I was taught) of the posessive. I learned that if a singular noun ends in 's', then you should spell it as it sounds. In this case we say Jesuses, so it should read as Jesus's. The folks at Purdue seem to more or less agree, though they don't apply the spell-it-as-it-sounds rule.

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I've got infonesia as to how I found this one, but I'm lovin' this Lego church. The detail and symmetry are fascinating. Obviously this is the result of a deeply obsessive (well-nigh autistic) mind, but good on them. Everybody needs a hobby. Condolences to Amy who apparently recently lost Precious.

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