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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Yep, it's an 'online community that connects people through networks of friends for dating or making new friends.' Don't believe me? Take the tour (there's only two steps, so it hardly merits that name). I think these folks are taking 'peer-to-peer' a little too seriously.

Predictably, here are a couple of parodies.

9:49:10 PM    

Here's a book review from Slashdot on Kurt Ament's new book, Single Sourcing: Building Modular Documentation. I'd be interested in hearing from anybody who's read it. The review is glowingly positive, which makes me a little suspicious. This Slashdotter agreed with me.

On a related point, technical writers love to discuss process. They tend to be highly organized people who prefer order to chaos, embrace metrics and love a good set of checks and balances. Resultingly, they tend to spend too much time perfecting the process when, in fact, they should be just writing. I've fallen into this trap before--mired in the subtleties of Word macros and file import--when really I should have been documenting how the Feesletrapper 2004 grocks new Feesles.

12:33:54 PM    

In the rich tradition of the Hollywood Stock Exchange (I've been a trader for years...I held Colin Farrell long and made it big, in a manner of speaking) and the BBC's rip-off, we get the inevitable BlogShares, where you can buy and sell stocks in Weblogs. In order to have an IPO, you need to be valued at $1000.00. Sadly, I'm at a mere $142.64.

10:44:11 AM    

My Web stats engine captures some data on how people use search engines to find my site. That is, what search terms did people use that led them to my site. Here are some highlights from the top twenty:

  1. asia argento
  2. using a webcam
  3. hiroshi sugimoto
  4. niplette
  5. karla knafel
  6. hotness
  7. vancouver technical writer
  8. airplane seat photos
  9. jennifer love hewitt barefoot
  10. waiting for godot greatest play of the twentieth century

With the possible exception of #7 and #8, it reads like a list of 'Sites the Internet Still Needs'.

9:06:14 AM    

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