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Saturday, May 10, 2003

This site is an interesting concept:

Did you have any favorite cartoons as a kid? Movies? Was there a television show that you always stayed up late for? Some great book series that you simply devoured?

Ha, the things you didn't know. Would you believe that somewhere right now, someone's writing stories whoring out your favorite characters in nauseating porn? Illustrating them in positions normally associated with exhibitionists and contortionists? Making posts in an online journal professing their real and undying romantic attraction to them?

You betcha! That's the marvel of the Internet, you see. No matter how innocuous something may be, there's always someone in this online world ready to turn it into a wild circus of perversions.

It's a site dedicated to how the Internet has poisoned childhood memories. They kind of have a point, but I place more value in the ability to still find information about the much-loved TV shows, books and movies of my youth. If I want to trot down memory lane, whether stopping at Rick Hunter's house, Venger's tower or Optimus Prime's, er, cave.

Unfortunately, for every anime still, there's always some guy who goes too far. I think that's what they're really talking about. Also, check out Broken Memories' list of incorruptables, 'in which the few topics that we cannot corrupt are enshrined in glory - at least until their day of doom comes.'

6:37:23 PM    

23 degrees Celsius and wall-to-wall blue sky. How cool is that? Particularly after spending the majority of two summers in Dublin, where the weather left something to be desired. In fact, I've worn shorts more often in the last six weeks in Vancouver than I did for two years in Ireland. I don't often talk about the weather, but I'm just back from four hours of Ultimate, and I felt it merited mention.

6:13:43 PM    

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