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Thursday, May 15, 2003

These are photos of my two-day-old nephew, Miles Muir Barefoot (he's the smaller, bald one). That's my fatigued-looking brother Kevin holding him. Miles was six pounds and six ounces (I think) and fourteen inches long. Mother and baby are healthy, and they're planning to go home Friday or Saturday. Apologies for the lousy quality, but they were taken with one of those cardboard cameras.

Click these photos to see larger versions:


I wonder, in fifteen years, will he be able to find this page on the Web? Will he call it the Web?

5:55:41 PM    

Karlin Lillington references this frightening Guardian article about the apparent 'rescue' of American soldier Jessica Lynch:

Her Iraqi guards had long fled, she was being well cared for - and doctors had already tried to free her. John Kampfner discovers the real story behind a modern American war myth.

You can't trust the media anymore. Not at all. Not even a little bit. This reminded me of that wonderful and deeply prescient film, Wag the Dog:

'What's the thing people remember about the Gulf War? A bomb falling down a chimney. Let me tell you something: I was in the building where we filmed that with a 10-inch model made out of Legos.'


3:14:09 PM    

My Dad owns a massive Pharmasave store in the charming hamlet of Merritt, BC ('country music capital of Canada', apparently). I was looking for his work number the other day when I discovered that, unbeknownst to me, his store has a full-on Web site, complete with mouse-over effects. In fact, here's the man himself, hanging out near the pharmacy:

Is that not a swish-looking drug store? I also spotted my step-mother, the Giftware Queen.

2:36:56 PM    

Some of my colleagues are in WiFi, so I figured I'd better reference the results of another fine Fark PhotoShop contest. In case you're unfamiliar with Fark's contests, basically every day or so they post an image or idea that thier readers must PhotoShop into something hilarious. The winners consistently make me laugh out loud. This one's challenge was to 'Photoshop other unlikely applications of WiFi technology'. Here's the winner:

2:30:57 PM    

You might puncture the altar! From the people who brought you the inflatable pub and night club, here's the inflatable church:

Tie the knot whereever you want. Make sure to invite lots of guests, though, so they can switch off blowing that thing up. The guy in the photo looks pretty tired.

Inflatable priest sold seperately.

2:14:42 PM    

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