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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

The answer, apparently, is yes. While trying to determine whether the MP3 I had just downloaded was indeed the Indigo Girls covering 'Blister in the Sun' (it was, happily), I discovered The Covers Project. Thier soul reason for existence: To document cover songs. They're particularly interested in 'song chains', where one artist covers another who covers another who covers another. It's kind of like six degrees of Devo, if you get my meaning. The longest they've found so far is 157 songs.

This site is handy for heavy Kazaa users. Occasionally when you download a bootleg or otherwise 'unofficial' song, it's difficult to verify if the song is actually being sung by the artist in question. People often mislabel songs, and occasionally some sound-a-like intentionally renames their songs to get them heard. So, thank goodness for the good people of The Covers Project.

4:06:36 PM    

My friend Rob (one of the lads behind Guardian MMS) sent me a link to the Barenaked Ladies blog. While it may be a baldfaced promotional strategy for their forthcoming album, but the boys seem to have taken to it as a fat man to crullers (is that the correct spelling?). Their label, Nettwerk Records, is king of the wacky and/or grassroots marketing strategy. How many bands have alter-egos in a sports game and thier own AOL instant messenger icons?

Regardless, there was an interesting entry from Steve about the death of Johnny Cash's wife (you'll have to scroll down a bit--guys, where are the permalinks?). He references the Johnny Cash video for Hurt, 'what might be the best music video ever made.' It is an extraordinary, affecting piece of work One of the most personal music videos I've ever seen. It seems to be about a man confronting his coming death and the regrets of a life lived too much in the sun. At the same time, it's a summary of Cash's life--a sort of video retrospective:

What have I become,
my sweetest friend.
Everyone I know,
goes away in the end.

11:17:37 AM    

I occasionally post a story over at VancouverBloggers. I recently posted the following item:

Has anybody else noticed the ecosystem in the block on the GM Place side of Tinseltown? I think it's some forgotten part of the International Village development, but it's been sitting fallow for at least three or four years. It now contains a lake and a bunch of mature deciduous trees. Walk by there early in the morning and it's dense with birds. How weird is that? I was thinking of populating the lake by lobbing some bags of baby trout over the fence.

If you refer to the comments for that item, you'll see that I got in touch with an editor at the Westender, who published a story on the site about two years ago. Maybe I'll go ahead with my trout population program.

10:55:36 AM    

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