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Sunday, May 25, 2003

I'm 6'1". My hands, I think, are of average size (keep the jokes to yourselves, potty mouths). When I shave each morning, I look with bleary-eyed disdain at my Mach 3 razor. The shaft of the thing isn't much thicker (don't even bother) than your average pen. In truth, when you shave, you make both coarse and fine motor movements. Holding this tiny thing in my hand is deeply irritating...I frequently drop it.

Meanwhile, we have this great Oxo peeler than we use for peeling carrots, etc. It's got this big, chunky, rubberized handle with a nifty corrugated section for your thumb. Why can't my razor have a similar handle? While the motions of shaving and peeling aren't the same, they're kind of distant cousins. As my father pointed out, Gillette might as well give the handles away for free--they make all their money on the blades.

The pictures aren't to scale, but you get the idea. Maybe the local shaver shop can help me out. Women's razors I've seen have been more or less the same size. They have different golf clubs for men and women...why not razors?

11:29:59 PM    

For those unfamiliar with it, the Eurovision Song Contest is this incredibly popular, kooky, pan-European talent show in which 26 nations vie for best song. It's really quite bizarre, and illustrates why EuroPop rarely crosses the water to North America. There's always talk of conspiracies, bloc voting and even a fantastic Father Ted episode based around it.

Congratulations to this year's winners, Turkey, with the originally-entitled pop ditty 'Every Way That I Can'. To England's shame, they didn't garner a single vote. The voting system is more complex than cricket scoring, but, if I'm getting it right here, each nation's populace phones in their votes. You can't vote for your own nation, and the top 12 choices for a given country count. This chart might help explain, but I doubt it.

I'm sure it has something to do with their pro-American stance during that whole Iraq invasion business, but England didn't garner a single vote (did Turkey score some Middle East sympathy votes? Heck, even arch rivals Greece had them 7th). Ireland, a perrennial favourite, came a disapointing 11th.

11:14:38 PM    

The latest, greatest PhotoShop contest from those Farkers makes light of my native land, the true North, strong and free. My Irish colleague and fellow blogger Tom Murphy coined a new nickname for Canadians, which I think is both accurate and evocative: moose ticklers. Google thinks that he thought of the term first. There are a number of fine entries, but this one says it best:

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