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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Thanks to this thread on TECHWR-L (the über listserv for technical writers), I discovered this section of SourceForge, which solicits volunteer assistance with the many, many worthwhile SourceForge projects. Spefically, there are currently 14 calls for technical writers. So, if you're unemployed, new to the profession or otherwise predisposed, go help out. There are also requirements for content writers and web designers.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to volunteer for the David Suzuki foundation for a couple of months. They're very busy people, I guess, but think of all the trees I could have saved by now?

1:46:50 PM    

X-Entertainment offers a whole slew of 80s TV commercials. Many of them (in particular, this one and this, deeply evil, one) give me a warm, fuzzy feeling of watching endless hours of television in the basement.

10:35:37 AM    

I'm not usually that particular about the weather, but, c'mon, where would you rather live? From live Web cams overlooking Burrard St. Bridge and O'Connell St. Bridge:

10:08:51 AM    

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