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Monday, June 02, 2003

It's the end of the month (more or less), so I'm doing some housekeeping. Here's a smattering of what people searched for when they found my site:

asia argento
darren barefoot
every way that i can mp3
group wank
photos of hamburg
writing a technical bulletin
brothel menu
dumpster diving
exotic gun photos
exotic love photos

Yeah, I'm not sure what to say about all that. I guess it reflects a variety of interests, and that's healthy, right? Right?

10:44:33 PM        Technology

Frequent readers may recall that I've been using the Synapse Media Player, that has fancy predictive technologies to generate playlists that I'll enjoy. It keeps stats on what songs I've listened to the most. This was the state of play four weeks ago. Here it is today:

  1. david grey - babylon
  2. blue rodeo - what am i doing here
  3. blue rodeo - english bay
  4. weeping tile - good fortune
  5. the sundays - summertime
  6. dar williams - better things
  7. rockapella - satellite
  8. ella fitzgerald - bewitched, bothered, and bewildered
  9. bob dylan - don't think twice, it's all right
  10. jess klein - cloud song
  11. bob dylan - i shall be released
  12. jann arden - could i be your girl
  13. natalie merchant - tell yourself
  14. counting crows - a long december (live)
  15. dave matthews band - if i had a boat (live)
  16. weeping tile - the room with the sir john a view
  17. dave matthews band - live space between (acoustic)
  18. blues traveler - run around (live)
  19. bob dylan - you ain't goin' nowhere
  20. avril lavigne - my world

That's complete disclosure there...I haven't edited anything. Sure, the top five songs suggest that I'm reasonably normal, but how is that Rockapella track climbing up the charts? And where'd Jan Arden come from? And don't even talk to me about #20. Damn.

10:42:36 AM        Music Technology