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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Inexplicably, these guys have taken infrared photos of animals at the zoo and posted them on the Web.

Want to know what's more weird? They're funded by NASA. Where does this fit on the fetish chart (so Visiorific that it's safe for work)?

5:08:41 PM        Technology

While I'm on the subject of words, my belletrist (Stephen King taught me that word...imagine that) friend James sent me this great contest from the World Wide Words newsletter (you have to scroll down to item #3):

Candida Frith-Macdonald e-mailed me, appropriately from a British domain named "brainstorm", to ask whether there is a good word for the deliberate misspelling of words to evade spam filters.

She continued: "I say this after the fifth copy of a spam promising 'PEN1S ENKARGEMENT' has arrived today. As 'enkargement' is the one I see most often I'd be inclined to use this as a word for the practice, or perhaps 'hyding'. But there are probably better ideas. Or perhaps a word that could cover all such distorted forms, including ones like 'Kwik Save' [A British discount store chain - Ed]. Any chance of a World Wide Words hunt for the perfect name?"

First off, be skeptical of any email from anybody named Candida Frith-MacDonald (turns out she's a book editor), but to the point: anybody got anything? My best suggestion follows:

bun mot

Not bad, eh? Submit entries to competition@worldwidewords.org by June 8.

4:14:55 PM        Words

My Irish colleagues and I invented a good phrase. It refers to an employing who is seething, apathetic or otherwise showing signs of a quick, violent exit:

"Oh, that's Bob. He's just in his cubicle planning his postal route."

This, of course, refers to that popular phrase "going postal". And to this infamous (and stupid) video game (caution, booth babes--and Gary Coleman!--ahead).

3:55:56 PM        Technical Writing Words