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Monday, June 09, 2003

I just read a great looking online comic about a suicidal Asian American girl struggling to, sort of, find her place in the world. That sounds pretty lame, but it's really most excellent.

3:10:06 PM        Technology

I don't like talking about celebrities, but this merits special mention. Paramount Acquires Movie Rights to Shakira's Ass:

A reported bidding war between Paramount and Columbia drove up the price of the booty to over $12 million. Hollywood insiders questioned the logic of paying so much for ass rights. "My lord, have you seen it?" responded Paramount executive Fred Simpkins.

In related news:

The Paramount acquisitions have other studios scrambling to keep up. Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to the guitar riff from "Smoke on the Water." Dreamworks has optioned Christina Aguilera's left ankle.

3:07:19 PM        Music

What was the state of Minnesota thinking when they approved this license plate:

Is it me, or are those two deer knocking hooves?

3:04:38 PM        Culture

I really would have thought that V, that kooky alien mini series from 1983 had been consigned to the annals of television history. Apparently not, though, as NBC will bring us more mouse-eating aliens in the form of V: The Second Generation:

The new movie, produced by Warner Bros. TV and Kenneth Johnson Prods., will take place 20 years into the future. As the alien forces are turning more and more Earth citizens into followers, the resistance suddenly gains a powerful and mysterious new ally.

I was only nine when the original show came out, and I think I found it pretty scary. I mean, check this out:

10:16:03 AM        Movies