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Monday, June 16, 2003

I watched the messy, mediocre Wrong Turn today. It was kind of Deliverance meets The Blair Witch Project, except with more viscera and fewer scares. Heck, it wasn't even enough to keep me out of the West Virginian backwoods. It features a group of six college-age kids who wander into the woods and, well, get stalked by a bunch of inbred woodfolk.

I laughed a bit when the kids discover the yokels' cabin, and one of them wants to leave. "Do I need to remind you of a film called Deliverance?" he asks. Well, of course he does, because I highly doubted that those six easy-going early twenties characters had seen the 1972 film. I'm even more confident that the target audience isn't familiar with it. I'm reminded of the hilarious, astonished gasp in the audience when Claire Danes's Juliet offs herself at the end of Romeo and Juliet. I guess most of the 12 to 14-year-old girls in the audience were looking for a happy ending for Leo and Claire.

But to the point. Today's trailers featured two more examples of Hollywood's limited imagination: Freddy Vs. Jason ('A Nightmare on Friday the 13th') and Underworld (nothing to do with the sprawling Don DeLillo novel). Now Hollywood's taking a page out of the comic books, and pitting one malevolent force against the other.

Underworld is about war between the vampire and werewolf races. So, it's like Interview with a Vampire meets American Werewolf in London, or perhaps Dracula meets Wolf. What's next, The Mummy versus Magneto's trousers? Underworld does feature the fetching Kate Beckinsale in an unlikely role as a vampire warrior. It's certainly a strech from Cold Comfort Farm. And speaking of streching, her costuming makes her look like a more British Trinity (click for a bigger version):

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I keep forgetting to mention this, but my wife and I have started a company: Capulet Communications. Here's the elevator pitch:

Capulet Communications provides professional writing, marketing and public relations services designed specifically for high-tech companies.

That's us in a nutshell. For more information, check out our services page. We've also got a nascent professional writing weblog going. It won't be updated as often as this one, but it may be of interest to people in the industry.

Aside from the logo, I built the whole site from scratch. That curve took me hours to get right.

11:07:21 AM        Internet Mixed Bag

Yet another whimsical, useless but fascinating Internet idea. Roland Piquepaille's insightful blog pointed me to The Degree Confluence Project:

3,000 adventurers around the globe, equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, are visiting the exact confluences of latitude and longitude, taking pictures and writing stories about these places. The Degree Confluence Project site shows the results of their efforts: 2,500 confluences are illustrated by more than 20,000 photographs taken in 121 countries.

They call it 'a sampling of the world,' which is just a sophisticated way of saying 'something nifty to do with our GPS devices.' That said, I'm sold. Unfortunately their site is kind of unstable at the moment--I believe the hamster is getting a little fatigued. I did manage to spot the closest identified confluence to me, though: 50 degrees north, 121 degrees west

Of course, the Canada/US border is on the 49th paralell, so it may be tricky to get accurate results along that latitude without, say, getting your ass arrested by those Homeland Security lads.

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