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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

That pillar of journalism, the Toronto Star, gives us this gem:

When Malcolm Scott pushes off on his cross-Canada tour on Friday, he'll buckle up in a motorhome stocked with supplies, a full gas tank and a thick map book. But he won't have a stitch of clothing on his body.

The 51-year-old man is set to streak into the record books as the first person to drive across the country buck naked. "I'll drive nude as much as I can. There's no sense in sitting in the seat all cramped by clothing," a naked Scott says, standing outside his Chevy, which has been transformed into a moving mural featuring a naked family sitting beside a lake.

Sadly, the article does not feature a photo of his motorhome. It does, however, offer a shot of Mr. Scott, naked, rotund and gloriously hairy, behind the wheel.

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I recently discovered (or, more accurately, recognized) his fantastic finger acting. Check it out. Note that he can wield his index finger on either hand!

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My favourite URLs are short, witty and descriptive (or at least suggestive). Japander.com is one of the best I've seen in a while:

The "mission" of this site is to poke a little fun at western stars who advertise products in Japan they might not necessarily use. (You be the judge.)

As most people know, celebrities shoot ads for the Japanese market for ridiculous sums of money.

Pretty much anybody who's anybody has done this...even people who I thought had some integrity. See Brad Pitt play guitar (interesting related meme there), Winona Ryder out for a job ride and Jennifer Lopez be, well, as uncompelling as usual. Don't these people make enough money from their day jobs?

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