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Friday, June 27, 2003

Tagliners reminds me of the recently released 28 Days Later. I saw this a few months ago in Ireland. Don't get me started on the black art that is international film distribution.

In short, it's a visceral, violent, apocalyptic, zombie-filled romp set in the U.K. and shot on grainy digital video. The effect is occasionally startling and regularly scary. It stars the excellent Cork actor Cillian Murphy (impresive in the otherwise lame Disco Pigs) and had me gripping the arm rests. It gave Julie nightmares for weeks, so I guess that's something of an endorsement. It's written by Alex Garland, who also brought us The Beach, but there are few similarities. Except, I guess this is kind of the dystopia to Thailand's utopia.

There's a few review (with spoilers) at Tagliners. Here's what all the other critics thought. The term 'cautionary tale' seems to come up a lot, which may be giving the film a little too much credit.

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There's much ado about nothing in Vancouver these days.

A small art gallery was jammed by the curious, but apparently no police officers, for an event Thursday night that was billed as Canada's first live sex show...Later, in what was billed as a first in Canada, a naked couple performed mutual oral sex. After applying paint to the actors' bodies and draping a sheet briefly over the performing duo, actor Martin Guderna then hung the imprint-covered sheet on the wall.

It sounds like absolute drivel. Back in theatre school we used to call this a 'wank'. That's got nothing to do with the sexual content. It's a reference to a showy, meaningless gesture that has no purpose but to look good and provoke controversy.

It did remind me of a conversation that I had with one of my theatre profs about clothed on-stage erections. He said he never worried about them, because he figured it was psychologically tricky to get actually aroused in front of all those people. I'd tend to agree. I wonder how the male actor manages it?

Another article suggested that the sex act began the second act. So I imagine he, uh, prepared himself in the wings and entered the stage in an, er, engorged state. Maybe there was one of these (sort of not safe for work) involved too.


I am one, sir, that comes to tell you your daughter
and the Moor are now making the beast with two backs.

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Some quick comments on books I've read recently. First, Lucky Wander Boy is about a young man who becomes obsessed with finding an obscure arcade game. It's a decent first effort from D. B. Weiss, but is a little uneven in places. The plot tends to come in unsettling fits and starts. It's a quick read, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to get a little nostalgic about Space Invaders and PacMan.
Nobody's Perfect is a collection of ten years of Anthony Lane's writing for the New Yorker. He's the heir apparent to the seminal Pauline Kael as their film reviewer, and he's a wonderful prose writer. He's got a wonderful dry wit, and treats the Speed 2 the same way he treats Three Colours: White. There are also a series of enjoyable profiles and essays (not all of them concerned with film). Don't take it on summer vacation, though. It's a tome at 784 pages.

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It's Friday and time once again for the link round-up:

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