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July 17, 2003

Sara Taylor is one of two young people who I've known who has died. I was having dinner tonight with old friends, one of whom spent a lot of time with Sara in the final months of her life. We discussed her and her illness, and how she finished her young life with grace.

I didn't know Sara very well--she was a classmate of mine in Theatre at UVic. She was extroverted and friendly and very articulate. As an actor, I remember that she had a really calm sense about her, which is rare in a young person. I was in an acting scene with her, in which we had to kiss. She was really easy-going about it, and that made the moment less awkward.

Coincidentally, she died three years ago today. It pleases me that we talked about her tonight not because of the date, but because we wanted to remember her.

11:06:16 PM       

One of the reasons I like the Internet is that it's the perfect medium for obsessives. It's a safe and easy place for people to express their manic tendencies (this is the first site that springs to mind).

So, I'm always pleased to find somebody new with a zaney taste for the repeititous, the anti-social and the strange. Today I bring you a gallery of 104 photos of a Yoda doll in Ireland. That's right, 104. And not a single one without Yoda. At right, you can see our ancient green friend enjoying a Guinness at the Sky Bar at the Guinness factory. I never got there, but I was assured by my guests that it offered a good view, good Guinness and plenty of tourist tat.

Riley's life, this is not.

10:01:59 AM        Mixed Bag

Via my referral logs, I discovered Kyle Flood. I mention him because he's the only other site I've ever seen that also has a barefoot image in the upper left corner. His looks more, er, prehistoric than mine. Maybe it's a Yeti foot? I see that he's recently reproduced, so it's unlikely he'll have much time for the blogging. Here's an interesting (and brave) thread on name suggestions.

The other interesting thing about him is that he's a software developer for ACD Systems in Victoria. I've been using the image program ACDSee for years, and it kicks all kinds of ass. I had no idea that it was in Victoria. Kyle, dude, if you guys need any technical writing done, give me a call.

9:44:54 AM        Canada Internet

These aren't the links you're looking for. Move along.

9:39:45 AM        Link Round-up