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July 27, 2003

You may recall an episode of Friends where Rachel and Ross discuss their 'five freebies', five celebrities that they can sleep with and their partner can't get upset. Here, without further ado and in no particular order, are my five freebies (links go to photos):

Sure, I don't have a type of anything, do I?

UPDATE: Todd writes to tell me that some of my links are broken because Tripod hosting doesn't support deep linking. I've amended this with the help of the good people at IMDB.

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My wife is a petite size 6, but she still complains that she feels fat walking around downtown Vancouver. As my local readers know, Vancouver is full of wafer-thin (often surgically modified) women (many of whom are Asian, who typically start with a small frame to begin with). Vancouver's a tremendously superficial city (look no further than the ads in Vancouver magazine), and its body-obsessed denizens reflect this.

However, we went out to the suburbs yesterday, and suddenly my wife felt thin. The average weight seemed to shoot up once we got out of the city's core. That got me thinking about skinny, neurotic urbanites giving way to fast food-fed suburbanites giving way to leathery, corn-fed farmers. So, I made this graph (with apologies to all the thin suburbanites out there):

You should always be suspicious of a graph without numbers, but it expresses the concept. This data could also be expressed with some earthquake rings laid over a map of the city, but this view is more portable.

My wife figure she can find more of her size 6 people around Commercial Drive.

11:48:10 AM        The Long View Vancouver