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August 4, 2003

So Julie and I are going for a lovely walk through Yaletown tonight. For my non-Vancouver readers, Yaletown is a trendy, gentrified part of downtown Vancouver. We're walking passed some townhouses on the waterfront (sticker price well north of $500K). There's a man on the patio of one of these townhouses (which is clearly visible from the seawall where we're walking). He's teasing his golden retriever with a large purple stuffed animal--a floppy-eared dog.

So he's happily bouncing the stuffed toy on the dog's back, playing tug-of-war with the dog, etc. It's all very cute and normal until he sticks the stuffed toy between his dog's leg and encourages the dog to hump it. Which the dog eagerly does! What kind of stange fetishist is he? The stuffed animal is not a sex toy! Let me say it again: Don't encourage your dog to hump things that you're holding. Unless you're a dog breeder, don't encourage it to hump anything at all.

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Contrary to the subject line, this site is actually safe for work. Many, many photos of early computing devices. The splash page has a fantastic pr0ny look about it.

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You know, I can't get enough of that two cow shtick that dates back to the days of faxed jokes. My favourite:

You have two cows... both are mad.

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