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August 12, 2003

Raluca kindly emailed me with a link to the computer addict camp that I mentioned yesterday. She located the site at http://www.wichernhaus.m-vp.de/ (which features a terrifying children's drawing which reminded me of Struwwelpeter, the deeply disturbing children's classic that features, among other things, thumb-removal as a cure for thumb-sucking) and has this to say about it:

Unfortunately, they don't have an English site. Looking at it, though, one gets the impression that these kids are indeed rather sick, although the physical/psychological symptoms are so general as to be just about anything.  The correlation factor between TV/computer ab/use and sickness is rather weak, but the description sounds properly alarming.

Now to the concept behind this little enterprise:  The idea of "Kur" ("treatment"/"cure" but also something like "being at a spa", or, as here, "being at a camp") is a cherished German idea, still supported by the public and private health care system.  It's hard to imagine this from our vantage point, but there used to be a time when members of the better classes in North America were sent to the sea "on cure" (or to Europe for that matter) just as well as their European counterparts.  I am myself rather fond of this
institution and still hope, the gods be willing, that one day I may get to benefit by it.  But it does spawn some strange ideas.  For, even granting that the depiction of the children is accurate and they are not just ordinary, run-of-the-mill or even brilliant little geeks and TV producers in spe, one must surely wonder if four weeks of "Kur" is the answer to what ails them.  But it sure is easy to ship the children off to cure-camp and feel like one has done one's duty by them, isn't it?  The state sure agrees.

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I don't know why at the moment, but my comments have gone away. It may be related to this whole BlasterWorm nightmare that is afflicting everybody and their dog. More on that later.

UPDATE: I'm sure you're all very worried, but my comments service, Haloscan, reports that they've moved to a new server. Apparently my comments will be up and running soon.

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A truly original way to deal with a deceased pet. This seems vaguely related to the Buddhist practice of feeding a deceased person's remains to carrion-eating birds:

I've been reluctant to post this because I know it may be met with misunderstanding and outrage, but I think it's important and might make some of you view how to handle the loss of a loved pet from a new, life-affirming perspective.

Grendel passed away recently. She was a wonderful bun who loved head rubs and fresh parsley, and would do the biggest silly binkies when I let her out of the cage in the mornings. She crossed the rainbow bridge far too soon. She made me so happy when she was alive, and I miss her terribly already now that she's gone.

It may be an urban myth, but it's still pretty...what...creative? The comments make for some good reading too.

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Chanelle and Matthew are friends of my sisters (and, by extension, me) who live in Calgary. They've got a pretty nifty Web site (in part because Chanelle worked for Gossamer Threads), so I'm giving it a plug. There's even a forum where lots of their friends and family chat about stuff. Which is cool. I think there are millions of small, local 'networks' like this on the Internet. They're useful to a few dozen people, and that's all they need to be.

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Googlism has been around for a while, but Bree recently reminded me of it. I couldn't resist (edited for brevity and humour):

darren is great on the fridge
darren is the pimp
darren is such a big boy
darren is an accomplished trombonist and pianist
darren is a beautiful purebred
darren is recording solo now
darren is also against the transportation of nuclear material
darren is interested in all aspects of maritime law
darren is not strong
darren is becoming increasingly drunk
darren is wearing the same thing that he wore in the international "truly madly deeply" video
darren is currently working on broadway
darren is the man that makes it all happen
darren is fab
darren is the senior editor of the annotated bibliography of bone/tooth disease and injuries
darren is off the market
darren is not feeling well
darren is also a yoga enthusiast and has a soft spot for starbucks
darren is so cool
darren is a wonderful young man
darren is checking into a suite overlooking the pool
darren is no stranger to politics
darren is a licensed cosmetologist
darren is currently working as a criminal investigator for six flags amusement park in largo maryland
darren is the hero and he is a very realistically portrayed person

It reads like a list of alternative lives. Sadly, none of them are actually about me.

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