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August 16, 2003

The always fascinating Recomendo suggests some quick-refreshing underpants:

Travel underwear. These very lightweight, super quick-drying, comfortable briefs are made of a blended material with a new finish that is unusually resistant to the growth of bacteria. You wash them in cold water in your hotel room at night and they are dry before morning. In a pinch, they can be dry in a couple hours if you roll them in a towel and squeeze the water out before you hang them up. I reused one pair of underwear three times on a recent trip.

Fortunately, they also come in more stylish boxers or boxer briefs. I particularly like the endorsement from the Eco Challenge team.

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My search continues for magazines that I can read in public without being embarrassed by the scantily-clad chick on the cover. Magazines like Maxim and FHM are okay and mildly amusing, but frankly, as I get older, they're a little vapid for my tastes. GQ's concerns are pretty foreign to me, and Details seems to have passed its prime.

A brief side notes: Why is it that whenever I bring up my embarrassment about Maxim, one or more of the women present inevitably volunteer that 'I read Maxim'? It's like they can't wait to demonstrate how liberated they are. When I hear this, I always think two things: a) You probably don't actually read Maxim very much, but want me to think that you're a tres post-modern woman and b) That's hardly a ringing endorsement of your character or intellect.

Recently I've tried two new magazines: Toro and Ramp. Toro is Canadian, and had a pretty interesting feature on Donald Sutherland (as well as an interview with one-day-poet-laureate Gordon Downie). Ramp is American but manages to rise a little above the other mens' magazines. It had a particularly insightful article on Soldier of Fortune magazine (which featured the fantastic line 'SOF's editor is to guerrillas as Dian Fossey is to gorillas). Both magazines had great, fresh designs that avoided the 'chicks in boxes' and side-bar mania that so many magazines have adopted these days.

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