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August 17, 2003

I'm not under the impression that the world needs or wants to see my photos. That said, there are probably a few friends and family who want to see this, that or the other photo. Plus, I just got a digital camera, so that means I'm going to have a lot more photos to manage. So, I've set up a little album system on my site. Recent additions are photos of:

Todd (unknowingly) introduced me to the simple, free and effective JAlbum. It does just what I want an album generator to do: automagically create some non-hideous pages to host my photos.

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Each entry on this site ends with a date stamp, comment and trackback links and a little foot:. This foot is known as a permalink. Permalinks are simply unique, permanent links that identify each entry in a weblog. They're a crucial part of the whole weblog package. Among other things, they enable you easily send a link to a particular entry.

If you want to send a link to an entry, just right-click on the foot and (in Internet Explorer) choose Copy Shortcut. That copies that entry's URL to your clipboard, and you can paste it into an email and send it off.

I've created a little 'alt' tag mouseover for my permalinks so that they now read 'Permanent link to this entry'. Here's more information than you'd ever want on permalinks.

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Speaking of teachers, Donna points me to the interesting RateMyProfessors.com. It's a companion piece to RateMyTeacher.com, and generally a good thing. They're like student evalution results that you actually get to see. Some of my favourite profs are listed--I provided positive entries.

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My sister Lynsey reminded me of another story about Charles Chung. In grade 7 or 8, we were all in PE class in the gym. Our class was presided over by the cruelest gym teacher in Canada, Mr. Desjardins (what a charming name, though he didn't have a hint of Frenchness in him). In our school, his name was synonymous with pain and degradation.

It's the start of class, and Mr. Desjardins is holding a volleyball. He grabs Charles, no doubt recognizing another bully, and stations him against one of the gym walls. He hands out a few more volleyballs, and then says, with remarkable glee 'okay, everybody wang chung.' Chaos ensued.

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