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August 21, 2003

There are a number of record-breaking forest fires burning in British Columbia and Washington state at the moment. One of them is beginning to threaten the city of Kelowna. Currently there are 3000 people on evacuation alert. This site has some amazing, frequently updated forest fire photos. Some of them are truly apocalyptic.

My friend Jeanette, who lives in Kelowna, writes:

Well, Iím glad that you were able to see the beautiful Okanagan a few months ago BEFORE it all turned to ashes! Damn. This bloody fire is out of control. Itís so nice to walk to your car in a rainstorm of falling ashes every day. Plus, our office building is reeking of smoke due to the air conditioning system sucking it in.  Oh, and the apocalyptic red sun is a little eerie too.

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Both Gizmodo and Slashdot are discussing this grand project:

Japanese researchers in robot technology are advocating a grand project, under which the government would spend 50 billion yen a year over three decades to develop a humanoid robot with the mental, physical and emotional capacity of a 5-year-old human.

Governments don't undertake these grand projects anymore. It's reminiscent of the U.S. space program in the sixties. Which subsequently reminded me of that West Wing episode in which the president decides they can cure cancer in ten years.

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Todd pointed me to the hilarious and revealing Kittenhate.com (content probably unsafe for work):

We are a free, member-oriented community website geared towards keeping track of one's sex life online and in full view of the world. Through this, you are encouraged to seek out and talk to everyday people and see what their sex lives are like. People your age or ten years younger; on the other side of the world; in your very own neighbourhood. Same sex, or opposite gender. Whatever you feel like on any particular night or day.

The URL, of course, comes from a certain myth about wanking and kittens. This guy's been particularly busy. Poor kittens.

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Journalist (and BoingBoing contributor) Mark Frauenfelder moved his family to a small island in the South Pacific. He's sending regular updates to LA Weekly (and has a cool photo blog). In this update, he visits the house of his daughter's new friend:

One of the older girls, about 16 years of age, goes into the other bedroom and picks through a massive pile of clothes. A mountain of shoes lies next to the clothes heap. Several beds, including a trundle bed, bunk beds and an extra mattress on the floor, are packed into the room like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. (Later, I find out that in addition to the eight kids and two parents, a young woman from the church also sleeps at the house.)

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So many links, so many, many links:

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