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August 27, 2003

As you know, dear readers, I love randomness and serendipity. As such, these sentences overheard on the Tube are fantastic. Mind you, when I've taken the Tube in London, I don't hear many people talking. Mostly their being all British and grim, contemplating the immensity of their commutes.

A few of my favourites:

  • Classical dressage is really the most interesting part of horsemanship.
  • Camille Paglia. She's clever, but she knows it. She should just shut up.
  • If we ever move to Southgate, shoot me.
  • Ben Affleck doesn't even have a face.
  • I would like to kill everyone. Except you. Obviously.

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While having lunch with a friend at the Keg, I visited the washroom. On the stall door, in decidedly neat writing, was the following:


My interest piqued, I went home and checked the URL. To my disappointment, they're a band. I hope I haven't embarassed myself by not knowing about some hot, mainstream act, but this Google search suggests I'm okay.

This got me thinking about stallvertising, and whether this was kosher or just stupid. Clearly a band member (or relative or manager or marketing associate) wrote on the stall with the express purpose of advertising. A fan would probably have written 'Six Percent Rocks' or some such thing. They probably would not have included the URL. Isn't this band undercutting its own grassrootsness by marketing itself on bathroom stalls at The Keg?

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There's been some engaging interview stories on the technical writing list TECHWR-L recently. The best one is from list comedian Andrew Plato, who discusses the peculiar dress of one of his interviewees.

As I've been going to more potential client meetings and interviews lately for Capulet, there are a number of anecdotes that I've wanted to convey. Sadly, I'm unable to, as many of my clients and potential clients read this site. So, I'm collecting them for some kind of essay on weird interviews in the future.

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The very serious Jim Elve references this news report that states Canadians must have neutral expressions in their passport photos (he might have cited a Canadian report):

"The International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, has released a recommendation regarding a new specification for photos in passports," explained Suzanne Meunier, spokeswoman for the Canadian Passport Office. "What they say is that the facial expression should be neutral ... no smiling, no laughing, no frowning -- no expressions, basically."

I had to renew my passport in Ireland, through the Canadian embassy in Dublin. I was apparently prescient, unknowingly satisfying these new requirements. I blurred a few data points to prevent forgery:

Customs people are always flumoxed when they try to run my passport through the reader. As you can see, it's not machine readable.

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Some quick and dirty links:

  • A really poorly organized page about computer gripes. A classic example of not designing a Web site to scale over time, but still interesting reading.
  • Colleen offers an entertaining rant about things she dislikes, which include 'ads in bathroom stalls' and 'Cougars (not the animal type'. I must start on my own.
  • Flying anywhere soon? Don't look at this page.
  • On a related subject, more flight-related angst.
  • RadShelters4U, should our fears about North Korea's nuclear program come to pass. 

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My Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness was posted to Slashdot this morning. Hilarity ensued. I appear to be back up now, though, so that suggests that I was only down for a couple of hours.

Some tossers complained in the Slashdot comments that the page isn't very funny. Well, indeed, it's not a Saturday Night Live sketch or anything, but I think it's mildly amusing. So do other people, given the email I've received about it.

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