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August 28, 2003

I read today that the Russian Rocket's career may be in danger because of his wonky knees. Mr. Bure played for the Canucks for six seasons at the beginning of his career, and was unquestionably the most exciting, explosive player in team's history. At the time he was among the fastest player in the league, and was capable of things few other players were.

He was extraordinarily gifted, had incredible fitness (wasn't his body fat like 3%) and, unfortunately, was a total asshat. He was an apathetic whiner who apparently only cared about the all-mighty dollar.

That said, he was thrilling to watch. His game seven overtime goal against Calgary in 1994 is embossed on my memory. He flew down the ice and (to borrow a line from Richard Harrison) slip the puck under Mike Vernon like a surprise confession.

In a league dominated by the trap defense, 15-goal pluggers and savant goaltenders, his offensive talents will be sorely missed.

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Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about www.savekaryn.com. Karyn is the enterprising, somewhat questionable young woman who accrued US $20,000 worth of debt, and then got herself out of debt with her Web site and a powerful meme (though not without the predictable backlash). I believe I gave her three bucks.

She's now debt free and has written a book about 'one shopaholic's journey to debt and back.' Can the movie be far behind?

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I received a couple interesting links while being Slashdotted yesterday:

  • Engrish - A site dedicated to humourous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design. I always think of video games, which are rife with engrish. Why, I might even buy a t-shirt.
  • Open Here - The art of instructional design. This might be the book version of the Hall.

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This guy has a peculiar kind of fetish: women in spacesuits. He's got them organized by decade. There isn't much revealing here (pun fully intended), except that spacesuit design in the movies hasn't changed much in fifty years. Actually, his fetish is more like 'women in heavy gear', as he also has pages dedicated to women in deep sea diving suits and women in scuba gear (subtle difference, there).

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A while back I wondered what the heck a Trixie was. A kindly anonymous coward posted a link in my comments that's worth repeating here: http://www.lptrixie.com/. As far as I can gather, they're a particular yuppie subset, with an affection for Jettas, labrador retrievers and looking like their friends. From the informative FAQ:

As chain coffee stores like Starbucks have begun to truly define neighborhoods, Trixies have come to embrace this trend for several reasons: First, Starbucks is an impressive place to buy your coffee, plain and simple. With the myriad of different adjectives you can use to define your latte, you're bound to stand out and make a statement about how smart you are. Secondly, Starbucks is not cheap. While many Trixies exist on a shoestring budget (due to the need to buy the most impressive clothes and showbox apartments), holding a Starbucks cup silently tells your coworkers and best friends that you've made it. 

Here, also, is a handy day in the life of a Trixie. These people have gone to a tremendous amount of work on this site--there's an impressive amount of content.

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