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About Me

My name is Darren Barefoot. I'm a writer, technologist and marketer who lives in Vancouver, Canada. While my undergraduate degree was in Creative Writing and Theatre, I always had a deep love of computers. Ever since my parents brought home our first dual disc drive IBM PC, I was smitten. So, mostly, I write about technology.

I originally worked as a technical writer, doing an internship at Radical Entertainment, followed by stints at Meridian Systems and Cape Clear Software (while spending two years in Dublin). Since returning to Vancouver in 2003, I've started Capulet Communications, a PR and marketing company that specializes in high-tech companies.

The following is a list of my online and real-world projects:

About This Site

I started DarrenBarefoot.com back in 2000, mostly as a place to host my resume and writing samples. Since then, it has evolved through two redesigns (it originally looked like this, and more recently like this). In 2002, I added a weblog to the front page and that's become the site's main purpose.

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