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Reviewed Five Ways: Insomnia

I saw two movies today, Insomnia and Windtalkers. Here is the former, reviewed five ways:

  1. I’ve gotta give some credit Robin Williams. In Insomnia, he’s chosen a movie that isn’t soppy tripe and plays a character who is neither impish or comical. I can’t wait for One Hour Photo.
  2. Maybe it’s because they’re both shot in British Colubmia, but there are eery similarities between this film and The Pledge starring Jack Nicholson. They both feature grizzled, caustic cops near the end of their careers trying to solve a murder. They’re both about fish out of water–city cops in small towns. They’re both meditative character-driven affairs with plenty of space around the characters.
  3. I’m glad I’m not from, say, Winnipeg. Because if I were from Winnipeg but living in Ireland, I would rarely get to see my home province on screen. Fortunately (for more than one reason), I’m from BC, so that means I’ve recently seen my home province in The Pledge, Best in Show, The Sixth Day and, most recently, Insomnia.
  4. There’s a Phd thesis in how actresses like Hilary Swank and Juliette Lewis get type-cast as poor, white trash (is that comma usage correct?).
  5. Ambiguity is a rare thing in Hollywood movies. Generally it’s pretty clear who’s right and who’s wrong. Up until its climax, Insomnia is a rare exception to this rule.