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A Visit to Found Magazine

Though I’ve never actually read an issue, I know that Found Magazine is a wonderful thing. It’s basically a magazine that publishes found documents and photos. I mentioned it here a few months ago, but it bears repeating. I hadn’t been to their site in a while, but got their email newsletter today (way to market effectively), so I visited. This one was great:

This list is an entire novel in twelve items. In particular, item #10 ‘sew PC up’, is so brilliantly ambiguous. This note is kind of eerie, but it has a great finish. I’m sure somebody who knows about handwriting analysis can comment on how the writer’s letters slope more and more forward as she writes.

I must actually try to purchase a dead-tree edition.

2 Responses to “A Visit to Found Magazine”

  1. John

    I wonder is the order of the list significant? Does “pack” refer to guns as well? I must acknowledge it is way more interesting than any TODO list I’ve ever made: fix bug 12345, fix bug 23456, fix …

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