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C-level Bosses

Just to be clear, horoscopes are a big load of bollocks. Here’s my IT horoscope for September:

It’s time to wrap up a long-term project you inherited. Don’t be afraid to set aside the old tried-and-true, especially when dealing with technology past its prime. New career opportunities raise your confidence and enthusiasm, so be sure to say “yes” to everything that comes your way. Finding new ways for individuals and groups to communicate becomes a priority towards after the new moon on September 27. Although your workload may increase, you will feel more relaxed and less like a firefighter. That’s because you’re finally acting proactively instead of reactively. One bit of caution: Be sure to double-check facts before offering your opinion to C-level bosses.

What’s a C-level boss? I work for myself. Does that make me my own C-level boss? My personal keyword is legacy application, as in ‘some days I feel like I’m a legacy application in a loosely-coupled world.’

2 Responses to “C-level Bosses”

  1. David Locke

    Yes if you run your own business, you are the CEO, CFO, CMO, CCO, COO, President, Owner, Principal, and Managing Partner. All of those virtual positions you hold are C-level.

    If you’ve incorporated and are not in the IT industry, you can have our own personal corporation and all the benefits that go with it.

    The key to TW is that it is a component of the product, so it is strategic without adding differentiation, so it should be spun out to preserve managerial focus within the company producing the product, and to increase managerial focus within the now strictly TW company. You have already moved out into the value chain.

    Everyone should be an executive. The value chain and outsourcing is the way to achieve that.

    Yes, TW is a legacy app.

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