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Canadian Encyclopedia

The Historica Foundation has done an excellent thing, and
put the entire Canadian Encyclopedia
. It’s very exhaustive, including entries for such
Canadian luminaries as Pierre
, Robert
and Bill Shatner. If you click on
the little camera link on the Shatner page, you can see him
racing through “Friends, Romans, countrymen” speech from a
1960 production of Julius Caesar.

The content is well-written (I wonder if they need any
help?). For example, check out this excellent summary of Wayne

Gretzky’s mastery of his sport owes much to
his agility, speed and accurate shot, and he was undoubtedly
the greatest passer in hockey history. But it was his
instinctive grasp of the flow of play – his sense of how
opposing players and teammates would react to each situation
– that made him such a creative player.

Their URL highlights a pet peeve of mine. I dislike URLs
that cutely split their name across the period, as in or It just
confuses people and I’m not sure it makes the name any more
memorable. Think of all the time people spend explaining ‘no,
it’s just histori, with an i, then the dot, then ca.’