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Douglas Coupland on Canada, Etc.

I’ve also felt a certain kinship with (not to mention envy for) Douglas Coupland. We grew up in the same neighbourhood (though he was probably ten years ahead of me), went to the same schools and hung out in the same malls. Life After God and Girlfriend in a Coma are both books that really seemed close to my own experience of growing up in Vancouver. I’ve also enjoyed his non-fiction work, but I thought All Families are Psychotic was pretty mediocre. I’ve always thought that, as he gets into middle-age, he’ll become a much more spiritual writer. We’ll see if that happens.

In the meantime, here’s a lengthy and insightful interview with him. He’s no doubt on a book tour promoting his new novel Hey Nostradamus!. Here’s a good quote on Canada:

The entire economy of Canada is equal to the state of Texas. And it’s very thinly distributed. So it’s only in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver where you get any amount of critical mass. I mean, any. Remember back in the ‘60s when every country on Earth was becoming independent, Canada included. We got our own flag and all that. There was a national flourishing that began there with Margaret Atwood and the usual suspects. Now, they are all august or dead.