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Gone to Calgary

For the next three days, I’ll be in lovely (who knows? I’ve never been there) Calgary attending and speaking at the Soceity for Technical Communicators conference. It’s going to be a party.

Can you feel the sarcasm? Technical writers (and I speak as an occasional one myself) are a frumpy and grumpy bunch. They also tend to be overly serious–they’re a tough room. Scott Adams hit the nail on the head when he created Tina the Technical Writer (she needs a fan site) for Dilbert.

What is there to do in Calgary, anyway? Any suggestions? I do want to check out the Barron building, a cool Art Deco office building that now houses a theatre and galleries. I just read about it in issue three of Toro magazine.

In short, I’ll be blogging only occasionally over the next few days.

7 Responses to “Gone to Calgary”

  1. Chan

    So you’ve never been to Calgary before eh? Well in the words of your dear ‘ol sister, and I quote, “It’s not that bad, they have a CIBC building.”

    Some things to do in Calgary:
    * Check out the future bobsleigh olympians at the Canada Olympic Park (I’ll even give you my autograph)
    * Go to the infamous Cowboys bar and learn to two-step while looking at the biggest gazumbas you have ever seen on waitresses
    * Go to Spolumbos ( for the best sandwich you’ll ever have
    * Check out the city view atop the “Calgary Grind” from Crescent Road (I’ve dubbed it that)
    * Stroll through Princess Island Park
    * And enjoy the past week of 20 degree weather!

    And in the Calgary Sun paper today, Calgary was given the nod for being the sunniest city in Canada, so bring that lotion ;)!

  2. bree

    Not much to do, actually. There are bars, but they’re full of barely-eighteens who like country music. Oh, and cougars. But I think the liquor is cheaper, so I assume after a while it all starts to look ok …

  3. Liisa

    as a former calgary girl myself (which i rarely admit) and someone who happens to be heading there on friday…and i think sadly will be visiting cowboys…i have very little to offer in the way of sights…kensington and 17th ave are fun little neighbourhoods to poke around in, if you like little interesting places to poke…watch out, its a city where you can easily fall into suburbia…which might shock your yaletown self :)

  4. Imogene

    Calgary is not so bad Darren.
    Anyhoo Chan- how come you didn’t list

    *Tea with Chanthew and Richard in Housey

    as one of the prime Calgary events??!!

  5. Chan

    Yes Imogene, you are correct. And I just bought a box of orange pekoe too! Tea Mr. Barefoot?

  6. kmsiever

    “And in the Calgary Sun paper today, Calgary was given the nod for being the sunniest city in Canada, so bring that lotion ;)!”

    Actually, Calgary had the most days with sunshine. Medicine Hat, on the other hand, has the most hours of sunshine.


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