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He Got Beard

This photo (and many others) brought to you by the World Beard and Moustache Championships, hosted this year by Carson City, Nevada. Interestingly, the northern European countries seem to be big on this badboy. Germany has hosted it four times, Sweden once and Norway once. It costs $25 to enter. I’ve got a little over a month…do you think I could get something this fancy?
While I was verifying that I’d correctly identified Trondheim as a Norweigian city, I went to their Web site. And you know what? Their mayor (one Anne K. SlungÃ¥rd) is kind of cute. Our mayor isn’t cute at all.

I also love this note about their soccer stadium, “where many a mighty European football team has fallen to the powerful perennial contender in the Champions League – Rosenborg Ballklub.” Perhaps the translator misunderstood the term ‘contender’.