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Mennäänkö avantoon uimaan?

Entertaining article in Fortune magazine (a rarity) about Finland’s sauna culture:

In a country where golfing can be a frigid experience, the sauna has a reputation as a place where negotiations happen and deals are struck. Throughout much of the Cold War—during which Finland remained the only autonomous state on the Soviet Union’s western border—Finnish President Urho Kekkonen entertained Soviet apparatchiks with elaborate sauna parties that are now legend. “The whole sauna culture evolved to a different level” during this period, says the Finnish trade commissioner, Lasse Baldauf.

This is pretty commonplace. I had a colleague who worked in Finland for a while, and regularly held meetings in the sauna, buck naked. Because saunas are segregated by gender, there’s something of a ‘steamed-glass ceiling’ for the female half of the workforce. The same apparently goes for the company moose hunts.

The title of this entry means ‘Shall we go into the hole in the ice for a swim?’