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Niplette for Men

About nine months ago, I wondered aloud about the wonder that is the Niplette (caution, artfully-rendered nipples ahead). Someone (a nipple fetishist, no doubt) recently sent me a (not particularly safe for work) link to the Nipple Enlarger for Men. There’s no explanatory text on that site, but another one I discovered this helpful product description:

The Nipple Enlarger for Men comes with 4 different sizes of nipple rings and a large and smaller size pump attachment to fit all sizes of nipples. Look great in a t-shirt, sweater etc., and show off for your lover or just for your self. Simply choose one of the vacuum pumps, slide the ring onto the pump, squeeze the pump to suck your nipple into the clear plastic tube and slide the ring onto your nipple. Extend your nipples to that manly size you’ve always wanted…

Manly size? What? You mean I’ve got to worry about the size of other body parts? What’s a manly size? Have I been swimming in public pools for all these years with tiny boy nipples? Poolside pride costs a mere US $49.99.

2 Responses to “Niplette for Men”

  1. condomanian

    Actually, Naked Condo was making a commentary on the fascination with fake, and the marketing-driven pathologizing of normal bodies, so that you have to pay to “improve” them in increasingly bizarre ways.

  2. Vinnie Blazek

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