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The Bible That Looks Like a Magazine!

You know, I searched around this site, looking for evidence that the whole thing was a carefully-crafted satire. Unless I’m missing something, it’s legit. These people have done some market research and concluded that teens don’t read the Bible because it’s “too big and freaky looking”. So, they’ve made the New Testament into a magazine. I don’t even need to add anything–this product is self-mocking. What’s next? Gilgamesh as a pop-up book? You should check out the little video clips, they’re fantastic.

4 Responses to “The Bible That Looks Like a Magazine!”

  1. Greyhawk

    Darn! The link didn’t work. If you go to and do a book search on “Gilgamesh the King”, it will take you to a trio of children’s books based on the epic.

  2. Steve Portigal

    Good catch – and then a nice feature in the NYT magazine last Sunday (the story will be viewable for free until THIS Sunday).

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