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A Little Known Fact About Me

I have never, ever, used an emoticon. Not even ironically.

7 Responses to “A Little Known Fact About Me”

  1. ryan

    i guess the creme de la creme in yaletown are too good for emoticons :P

  2. harp

    I find emoticons lazy and quick to use, but I generally try to avoid any internet ‘isms’ in my typing. One that I find can help is the tag, it comes in handy.

  3. harp

    uh…between ‘the’ and ‘tag’ I put [sarcasm] in tag borders and it vanished. Duh me.

  4. Rob

    Darren. Next time you log on, I have some interesting emoticons for you. They may make you think twice about their inherent value…


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