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Anti-Celebrity Wallpaper

I have been known, from time to time, to ironically set my PC’s desktop wallpaper to some cheesy fan-art. We all know these overly-Photoshopped images of somebody’s crush-du-jour, be it Sarah Michelle Gellar or Josh Hartnett or whoever. These tend to harken back to halcyon, Geocities days of yore.

But I got to thinking? How come only celebrities get wallpaper? What about the rest of us? What’s Josh got (besides a killer jawline and a lucrative movie career) that I don’t have? Hence, anti-celebrity wallpaper. Three of myself and one of my lovely wife. Put them on your desktop and enjoy. Better yet, make your own! Maybe I’ll start a site: ‘Wallpapers of People You Don’t Know’. Click for larger versions:



18 Responses to “Anti-Celebrity Wallpaper”

  1. Todd

    mmm Josh Hartnett. Could a third rental of 40 Days and 40 Nights be in the works? I think so… oh! You’re wallpapers are very nice, too.

  2. bree

    I like it! So does my friend Steve. If we make our own, I’ll send you the links. That would be a wonderfully strange web page.

  3. harp

    I second the 1280×1024…nice idea, I’d be in for a wallpaper too. It’d be great if you had a bunch of snaps of yourself doing stuff too, like a running shot and a shot of you cooking or something. Look like a jack of all trades. Then put something a bit off-kilter in the montage, like you doing hopscotch or balancing a spoon on your nose.

  4. Ryan

    I like the personalized wallpaper — too bad there’s none with your famous “barefoot” logo though.

    Another interesting person to make a wallpaper theme from would be the “Duck Lady” that roams Robson Street.

  5. Larry

    Number one is clearly the best. However, as most Mac users keep junk on the right hand side of their desktop, you’re face would only get covered up on my screen.

  6. Darren

    Are you people serious about 1280×1024?

    In terms of where the icons go, this is true for the Mac, but of course it’s the oppposite for the PC. Most of the icons gather on the lefthand side of the screen there. In truth, though they should, I don’t think your average wallpaper designer gives much thought to icon location.

  7. donna

    I rarely keep icons on my desktop, beyond the required 3 or 4. And the occasional saved document. I use my quicklaunch bar.

    But! When I create wallpapers, I create them for my use, and how my desktop is laid out. If they happen to work for other people, so much the better.

    But yes, I want to see a site of non-famous wallpaper people. I will use it. And come up with wallpapers for it. :)

  8. donna

    and 1280×1024 is a must!!!

    it’s not my fault… we’ve got 19″ LCD monitors at work. ;)

  9. Chris

    Hi Darren
    Neat idea! Nothing against your wallpapers but in the interests of expanding the knowledge of technically challenged people like me, how about posting do it yourself instructions… :)

  10. harp

    definitely 1280×1024 is the way to go, resizing it to 1024 if needed is easy anyway as downsizing works better than upsizing.

  11. Sahar Christopher

    Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.

  12. durbuhuru

    This rules! :D

    Imo everyone should also have some high resolution press photos on their personal website :)

  13. Amarpali

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