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British Schoolboy Uniforms


Boy does that title make me sound like a dirty old man. But really, this site is totally above board. It’s a history of the British schoolboy uniform (and sundry other uniforms worn by young men).

You know, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I’ve always found the British the most tolerant culture when it comes to homosexuality. I mean, how could a nation love Queen that much and not be pretty openminded? Do you suppose gender-segregated schools have something to do with that? Perhaps tolerant is the wrong term–they’re so sexual repressed on all fronts that it doesn’t even come up for discussion.

8 Responses to “British Schoolboy Uniforms”

  1. donna

    I know more repressed british people than any other nationality (well, beyond the extreme anti-woman cultures…)

    On the other hand, they’re also a bit like the stereotypical catholic school girls — they’re repressed, but they fight against it and become slutty. But, they’re still kind of repressed, so they don’t really know what they’re doing. :)

  2. Darren

    There’s nothing more terrifying than British people on vacation. They leave all of their uptightness in Britain, and becoming drinking, screwing, yelling yobs. There are whole stretches of the Mediterrenean that I won’t visit simply to avoid British tourists.

  3. Imogene

    I agree -British tourists are right up there with the naked German tourists and the French tourists -to be avoided ;)

  4. Larry Halff

    I’ve been to England a handful of times, the longest being a month in 1990, and I’ve found that British aren’t exactly tolerant of homosexuality, they just have a don’t ask, don’t tell, and don’t even see policy. After all, Elton John and Ian McKellan are knighted.

    London’s numerous public washrooms maintan a somewhat unsavoury ambience, and Hampstead Heath is probably the world’s most famous cruising ground. How do they deal with this? They just don’t publically acknowledge it.

    The one bizarre deviation from this policy is the Joe Orton memorial toilet in North London. See

  5. Dave

    Hey, we’re not all that bad! Interesting to know what the sterotype is though.
    On the subject of school uniform, I had to wear shorts until I was 13, through summer and winter. At least by the time I went to school, they’d ditched the caps.

  6. C.

    They ditched the caps ? So it seems. But it was the coolest part of the uniform… Ts, now some school uniforms are just sweat shirts and jeans… Gotta look up to Harrow’s boaters, really.

  7. c osborne

    i rember starting big school and still having to wear grey school short for the first year , it made me feel younger and made it harder to fit in the new school,but i still feel it is a shame that boys no longer wear shorts and that he girls no longer wear pleated skirts, children seem to look like adults and appear to have lost their childhood

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